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About Us

KBTEC provide tactical solutions for your problems. We provide discrete, professional and evidential surveillance services and specialise in technical surveillance.
Our trade craft is built on many years covert duty in the police service including the technical surveillance unit.

Whatever your needs – Retail crime, staff crime, protection of assets.
We also provide systems for protection of personnel be they elderly, juvenile or vulnerable.

All our deployments are task defined and compiled fit for purpose specific to your needs.

We do not include images on our website to maintain the covert feature of our products.

For a no obligation site survey contact us at
enquiries@kbtec.eu or call 07561 341201
for covert enquiries this could be done outside of retail hours if required.

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KBTec site now live and accepting enquiries.
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site now updated with Industry news and upcoming strategies.




Public Liability : £2,000,000

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